Free Game Streaming apps

With the rise of internet connection speeds video streaming is picking up momentum for a while now and lots of new players want to start streaming things they are good at. Game streaming is getting lots of traction and if your want to get into it you will need a good streaming software.

There are many good paid softwares out there but they are costly and beginners might not be interested in spending too money.

But there is no need to worry because there are lots of good free alternatives out there and many new ones are coming our now.

OBS Studio

OBS Studio free game streaming apps

OBS studio is most popular game streaming software and is used by lots of gamers out there. It is free and completely open-source. It is full of feature and you can customize it to your requirements. 

It can be used to stream on almost all of the popular streaming services. You can also record your games while playing and later stream from the recorded file. 

You can add multiple capture devices and combine them to stream final output right inside the OBS studio.  


Streamlabs free game streaming apps

Streamlabs OBS is a polished and feature-rich version of the OBS studio. it is trusted by millions of streamers. It comes with lots of additional online features developed by streamlabs. 

Here are some features provided by streamlabs:

  • You can add lots of overlays to your stream. There is large library of overlays at streamlabs.
  • You can receive donations and tips directly from your viewers and streamlabs do not take any cut of fees. 100% of your earning is yours.
  • You can add alerts to your stream like new subscribes, donations, gifts, etc.
  • You can set up your own webpage at streamlabs.
  • You can stream to many streaming services from streamlabs OBS.
  • You get access to detailed reports about the performance of your streams.

They also provide Web API so developers can build apps based on it.