Free Stock Pics and Images

There are many reasons why we need images:

  • To put on websites we make
  • To put in blogs we write
  • To make memes to put on social media
  • To send to our friends and family to make them feel good

For the most part youe should not use images you find on google image search. They may protected by copyright and you can get into legal trouble or your social media account can get suspended. I know about a person whose twitter account with 500,000+ followers got suspended because of usage of copyrighted media. 

There are many sites that provides stock images for price like shutterstock.

Buying images for business purpose is fine but for non commercial or personal use no one wants to buy images. 

Here I am provind the list of websites that provides good quality stock images for free. You can use them in your projects without getting into trouble.


Pixabay free stock images

Pixabay is my favourite site. It has more that 1 million images. They also provide vectors, videos and illustrations. You can use these images for free in all your projects, webstes, blogs and social media. You can even use these images for commercial purposes. 

There is no need for any permission or giving credit to the artist. You can just download and use the images.

Even though images are free you can still donate to support the service via paypal, credit card or bank transfer.

They also have an API if you want to include their images programatically.


Unsplash free stock images

Unsplash started as a Tumblr blog in 2013 and now is one of the largest community of artists providing free stock pics.

Pics from unsplash has been used by many celebrities for their products and advertisements.

There are more than 1 million images, wallpapers, textures and patterns you can choose from.

There is no need to get any kind of permission from the artist or unsplash if you want to use their pics. 


Pikwizard free stock images

Pikwizard is another website from where you can get free stock images to use on your websites and projects. There are more than a million images available to be downloaded. 

You can also download free videos from Pikwizard. There are numerous high-quality videos to choose from.

You can also open your selected image in an online editor designwizard, where you can edit the image and download it.

Most of the free stock image sites do not allow hotlinking but at Pikwizard they provide you with the embed code that you can use to insert the image to your website.