Free Redis Hosting

Redis is a NoSQL database that is made for speed. Redis stores data solely in RAM that makes it very fast to insert, edit, remove or get data from it.

As it requires lots of RAM for running you might want to host it on some third party servers.

Here we are listing few that provide free redis hosting services.


Redislabs free redis hosting
  • 30MB redis hosting for free with option to anytime upgrade to their paid plans which starts from USD 7 per month.
  • No credit card required to create free free plan.
  • Multiple options where you want to host your redis database like aws, azure, GCE, Softlare.
  • Only one database allowed with free account.
  • 30 connections to free database
  • No support hotline with free plan.
  • Free plan does not include persistent data.
  • No backups.

Here is the plan details of redislabs:


Redistogo free redis hosting
  • 5MB redis hosting for free with option to upgrade to paid plans starting from USD 4(although not mentioned on website main pricing page but available in dashboard).
  • Does not require credit card to create free database.
  • Multiple AWS locations available to deploy your database.
  • Persistent data is available.
  • No backups for free plan.


Redis4you free redis hosting


  • 5MB Redis hosting for free with the option to upgrade to paid plans starting at USD 10.
  • No credit card required to create a free Redis database
  • Persistent database is available.
  • Daily backup is available.
  • Free Redis instance expires in 1 month period.
  • During testing, I was able to multiple free Redis instances.
  • Buggy interface.


Heroku free redis hosting
  • 5MB Redis instance size in free plan. Upgrades available from USD 5 per month.
  • Multiple region available. You can create instance in US or UK.
  • 10 connections available in free plan.
  • Persistent data not available.
  • No backups.
  • Other heroku limits may apply. free redis hosting
  • Maximum database size for free account: 256MB 
  • Maximum concurrent connections allowed: 1000
  • Persistent data storage
  • TLS encryption for connections
  • Multiple zones available
  • No credit card required for a free account.