Free MongoDB Hosting

MongoDB is most popular NoSQL database that is used by many of the fortune 500 companies and is very relaible for storing large amount of data. 

Here we are listing the services that provides free hosting for your mongodb databases.


mLab free mongodb hosting

Mlab is most popular mongoDB hosting service. It provide 0.5GB of data storage for free with paid plans starting from 15$/GB.

  • No expiration
  • Expert database support
  • Data browser
  • Free system-level backups
  • Free and easy restores of custom backups
  • Continuous monitoring, 24x7


MongoDB free mongodb hosting is the main developer behind the mongoDB database. They provide 512 MB database for free. They call the free service sandbox mode. 

  • No expiration
  • RAM is shared.
  • 512 MB database storage space.
  • Available in us-east-1 and eu-central-1 on Amazon Web Services.
  • Free monitoring and alert.
  • End to end encryption.
  • Secure authentication.
  • Fully managed upgrades.
  • Management API.
  • Paid options available from 0.08$ per hour.