Free Video Editing Software for Mac

Videos are getting more and more popular on the internet and every day many people are trying to make their own creative videos to share with family, friends, and world.

If you want to create your own good looking videos you will need a good video editing software. Most of the good editing softwares are commercial.

Fortunately, there are many you can download and use completely free of charge.

Here you can find the list of free video editing software for mac

PS: If you are going into video editing you might need good free stock videos and free stock images to make your videos even better. Check out free resources by clicking on the links.

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve free video editing software for mac

DaVinci Resolve is professional-level video editing software and is used by numerous studios around the world. It is completely free to install and use to create your own professional-looking videos. 

As this is professional video editing software it comes with lots of features so it may look overwhelming for first-time users. Lots of feature means a steep learning curve. If it is too much for you look at other free alternatives that are easier to use.

DaVinci Resolve can edit videos up to 8K and it comes with color correction and audio editing, effects, and more.

This software requires decent enough computer so check the requirements before installing it.


imovie free video editing software for mac

iMovie is the official video editor released by Apple itself. It is completely free to download from the Apple store. 

Its simple to use and a good choice for beginners. It's not a professional level software but has enough features to make decent videos.

iMovie interface is straight forward and beginners can get started very quickly. 

It comes with a selection of titles, backgrounds, and transitions that you can use in your projects right away.

Being an Apple product it is well optimized to work with macOS.

Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor free video editing software for mac

Movavi video editor is a good alternative for beginners who are starting into video editing. 

It has all the basic functionalities a beginner may require and it's easy to use. 

It has built-in intros, videos, backgrounds music, and sounds.

Few filters, transitions, and titles are also included.

The free version can be upgraded to the plus version to unlock full features.