Free Video Editing Software for Windows PC

Watching all those cool videos on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms you may be wanting to create some awesome videos of your own by recording with your phone or camera.

You may want to record your computer screen and make some tutorials or GIFs.

In either case, you will a good video editing software to make your video more awesome.

Video editing software will help in

  • Merging multiple videos
  • Doing color correction or adding filters
  • Adding awesome filters your videos
  • Adding pointer or smileys
  • Adding audio or voiceover

Apart from these basic things you can do multiple things with video editing software.

I am listing here completely free video editing software that you can download now and get into making your own awesome video.

If you know any other software let me know about it in comments so I can add it to the list.


DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve free video editing software for windows pc

DaVinci Resolve is totally free to use video editing software available both for windows and mac. 

It is a professional level software that is used by many professional studios around the world.

DaVinci resolve comes with many features that you will not find in entry-level or beginner software so at first this software may look intimidating to the beginners. This means it requires more time to learn.

If you are only want to make basic edits to your videos this app is total overkill. Get one of the free video editing software listed below.

DaVinci resolve supports editing up to 8K resolution.

This software is heavy on your PC so check the requirement before installing it.

Windows 10 Video Editor

Windows 10 Video Editor free video editing software for windows pc

If you are using windows 10 than you have an inbuilt and good enough video editor built into it.

This app comes packaged with windows 10 and it is replacement of windows movie maker that was older free video editor from microsoft.

Its a good app for beginners.

It comes with lots of effects and filters. You can add background music, titles, 3d effects and more. 

There is inbult library of 3D objects that you can add to your videos.

If you want video editor for doing basic video manipulation then you don't need to download any other software. This will do your 


Clipchamp free video editing software for windows pc

Clipchamp is owned by microsoft. Its completely free and is far better than windows 10 video editor mentioned above. 

Most important feature of clipchamp is that it has large collection of stock videos and effects built in. You dont have to search for stock videos in the browser. You can do it all inside the app.

It has presets/templates to create videos for social media. But you can always choose a dimension of your liking to make videos.

You can also record your screen or camera from within the app.

There is also collection of pro features that you can upgrade to.