Free Screen Recorder for Mac

Screen recording software allows you to record your mac's screen and make a video that you can share with others or keep for future reference.

Why you may require a screen recording software:

  • For making video tutorials.
  • For recording the problem you are facing to share with the tech representative.
  • To record part of videos to convert it into a gif.
  • To record your gaming prowess.
  • To record the screen before making any changes to your mac so you can compare it later.

There are lots of paid screen recording software available that come with lots of functionalities like inbuilt video editors, marking tools, etc. Fortunately, we also have some good screen recording software for mac that we can use completely free.

You may also want to look at the free video editing software for mac if the recorder you choose does not come with capable video editing capabilities.

I am listing here free screen recording apps for mac. 

If you know any that is not listed here let me know in the comments.

OBS studio

OBS studio free screen recorder for mac

Primarily a video/game streaming app OBS studio is also a very capable and customizable screen recording software. 

With OBS Studio you can record full screen or a single window. You can also combine multiple sources.

Audio can also be recorded. If you want to record your own voice you can use your microphone to do that.

Recorded videos can be saved in multiple formats and quality.

Format and quality need to be adjusted in the settings beforehand. You can not change it later on.

OBS Studio has no built-in video editing capability so you will require a separate video editing software.

QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player free screen recorder for mac

QuickTime player is the default video player that comes bundled with macOS. It also comes with a handy screen recording feature. That you can find in the File menu.

You can choose to record the whole screen or click and drag to select an area.

The recording is pretty good but it does not come with an editor so you will need a separate video editor. You can choose from one of the free video editors we have listed.

The good thing is, as this app comes built-in the macOS, you don't need to download any software. Just fire up the QuickTime player from the launcher and try it out.